Foil business cards for a sharp brand image

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Foil business cards are a sure fire way to make a lasting impression when handing out your business card. The addition of foil says: I'm prepared to put in the extra effort! I care about my brand and my product! My brand is worth your attention!

Foiling is a process whereby metallic foil is added to selected elements of your design, to create a truly outstanding effect. Foil is typically offered in gold, silver and copper. With specialty niches of rose gold, holographic and even a range of colours such as metallic pinks, reds and blues.  

Foil business cards suit a whole host of business types - while gold might add a luxe feeling to a high end boutique brand, it can also be used with maximum effect for an edgy brand such as an urban tattoo parlour. There is no one size fits all, and with a good graphic designer or creative mind, there are limitless possibilities. 

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