Eco Friendly Labels

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Eco Friendly Labels

Brands and companies are turning to eco-friendly solutions for their labels and packaging in order to minimize their environmental impact. No matter the type of business, your commitment to recycling is making a major difference as packaging continues to be a large source of waste. Our eco-friendly labels minimize the environmental impact by using less energy to produce, whilst the materials are manufactured from a range FSC certified sustainable resources.

Apart from protecting the environment, eco-friendly labeling creates a good impression of your company as you actively show that you care about the environment. Going green will attract more customers who will highly value your pledge to sustainability.

Your brand's packaging says a lot about your story and your commitment to sustainability. Brandpack offers recycled, eco-friendly label printing solutions to tackle your most-demanding packaging needs in a sustainable way. Our goal is to help everyone who wants to minimize their environmental impact. Whether you are looking for high-quality multicolor printed labels for food and beverage packaging, health and nutrition, homecare applications, or office supplies, our adhesive labels contain recycled paper fibers to ensure easy recycling. Our recycled FSC paper offers fantastic tack and peel abilities on various substrates with a white mid gloss finish, a great option for everyone who is looking for recycled paper labels. We also offer FSC certified sustainable polypropylene label material.

At Brandpack, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide eco-friendly labeling solutions tailored to their needs using only the best printing technologies. Our experienced design professionals thrive on offering exceptional customer service with fast production turnarounds. 

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Free Design

Our printing service includes free design typesetting (25 minutes), artwork proofing, margins, bleeds and cutline creation. Our design expertise gives you the peace of mind that comes from having your brand managed by experienced design professionals.

Durable Materials

We print on a range of durable paper, card, polyester, polypropylene and vinyl materials including GHS certified, water, oil, UV and abrasion resistant media, printed with durable inks with a variety of finishes, varnishes and lamination.

Fast Delivery

We offer fast production turnarounds and delivery with most products ready for delivery in 7 days within Ireland. Our ordering platform provides for easy ordering and tracking.

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Eco Friendly Labels



Wood based face film, FSC certified

Recycled paper

White recycled paper, utilizing 99% recycled fibres. Semi-gloss finish. FSC certified


Waterborne acrylic


Waterborne acrylic

Minimum size: 20mm x 20mm

Maximum size: 320mm x 1200mm

Any standard geometric or bespoke shape available.

Unless specified, a 2mm rounded corner will be added to square or rectangular artwork.

Supplied on rolls.

Approx. 7 working days.

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