Packaging Tape

About our packaging tape

When it comes to shipping and logistics, packaging tape plays an important role in protecting your goods during transportation. At Brandpack, we offer custom printed packaging tape in Dublin using polypropylene, PVC, and paper tapes to suit any packaging requirement.

Benefits of using our custom printed packaging tape


Create a lasting impression with custom printed packaging tape featuring your unique logo or design. Personalise your packaging tape today and make a statement that your customers won't forget.

Durability & Security

To ensure your products arrive at their destination in the same condition they left your facility, it is important to select durable packaging tape. At Brandpack, we offer a range of tape options to suit different packing requirements. Our polypropylene tape is ideal for most needs, while our PVC tape is stronger, with greater durability and versatility. Our eco-friendly paper tape is perfect for light packing requirements.

Custom printed packaging tape also provides additional security for your items. It secures your packages throughout transportation and provides evidence that the item originated from your company. This is particularly important for high-value items, as it prevents tampering and damage. At Brandpack, we offer a variety of packaging tape options to meet your security needs.


Packaging tape is more cost-effective than other forms of branded packaging such as custom printed boxes.

Enhance your customer's experience

Lastly, custom printed packaging tape enhances your customer's unboxing experience. It gives a professional feel to your shipping process, increases brand recognition, and helps develop customer loyalty.

In conclusion, Brandpack's custom printed packaging tape offers numerous benefits for businesses that want to increase brand recognition, provide additional security, ensure durability, and enhance their customers' experience. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging tape options and how we can help boost your business.