Packaging Design

Your product packaging can make all the difference in how successful it is! Designing a package with not just practical but aesthetic elements adds an important layer to your brand identity, creating recognition and assurance of quality for consumers. Make sure that your unique selling point shines through ahead of others on the shelf – after all, those few seconds are what determine purchasing decisions!

Our experienced and talented design team provides an array of services to help you make your products stand out from the rest. We specialise in brand identity, graphic/packaging designs and 3D packaging mock-ups – all with a keen eye for detail that can translate any concept into spectacular visuals! Whether it's crafting artwork from scratch or polishing existing projects - our packaging design and print proofing solutions provide amazing results regardless of where you're starting from. Let us give voice to your vision through labels, stickers and printed boxes perfect for highlighting your unique story!

Our Prepress and Production team work hard to ensure that your brand is effectively represented across a range of media, through creative packaging and brand design. We don't just stop at the branding - we take care of everything from choosing materials wisely to considering transport, protection, printing processes and more in order to achieve savings on price points. On top of this our services provide additional technical advice such as file considerations for special finishes setup & keyline creation along with mock-up designs too!

Brand design services

A successful brand design is the key to making a powerful and memorable impression on customers. It encapsulates not just visual elements like logos, colors or typography, but also encompasses core values of an organisation in order to cultivate customer loyalty and trustworthiness. Every company needs a unique identity that aligns with its goals while being distinct from competitors – this defining mark will significantly aid them towards achieving success!

Crafting a unique and attractive brand can help create an emotional connection with consumers, boost recognition in the market place, and ensure longevity for a business. Our graphic designers work to capture the essence of your message through meaningful logos or visuals that stand out from competitors' designs. Packaging plays its part by communicating information about shape, colors and materials used - these choices must be carefully considered as they ultimately form lasting impressions on potential buyers. Branding is more than just style though; it’s also key in fostering trust between companies and customers alike!

Logo design 

Logos are the face of a business - they introduce consumers to the brand and represent its unique identity. To truly make a lasting impression, logos should be simple yet powerful; containing colors, fonts, and shapes that encapsulate all that makes your company special! A well-crafted logo has limitless potential for connecting with customers far into the future.

Images and graphics

A brand design isn't only about logos - there's more to the story! Utilizing imagery and graphics helps create a personal connection between customers and the product, while options such as photos or illustrations make it easy to show what sets that business apart. Through visuals tailored specifically for their branding message, any company can craft an unforgettable experience with its audience.


Typography is more than just a way to make text look good - it's an essential element for any successful brand design. Different font styles can evoke unique feelings in viewers, making precise selection of typefaces critical when trying to create the desired impression. When thoughtfully combined with logos and other visuals, typography has the potential to elevate branding efforts from average – to extraordinary!

Packaging design 

Packaging is an invaluable communication tool, bridging the gap between a company and their customers. It provides more than just protection – it creates an emotional connection with consumers by conveying messages of quality, sustainability, trustworthiness and reliability through thoughtful design choices such as shape, size and color palette. Attractive yet dependable packaging designs are essential for standing out from competitors in today's marketplace.

Our 4 principles of effective packaging design?

Effective packaging design is the key to helping customers quickly and easily identify your product on a crowded shelf. At its core lies four principles: visibility, convenience, durability, and sustainability. To make sure you stand out from competitors' designs with yours; consider bright colors for your labels whilst also using bold typefaces - providing clear hierarchies of information that will really draw people's attention towards it!

Convenience is key: when it comes to packaging, ease-of-use should be the priority. The design must offer simple accessibility and incorporate necessary instructions without impeding customers' ability to quickly access what's inside - all with enough room for safe handling. Ultimately, convenience always trumps complexity!

When choosing packaging materials, it's essential to consider their ability to stand up against rough handling and adverse conditions during the transportation process. Ensuring that each component is securely attached will prevent any pieces from coming apart while on its journey. Durability should be a top priority when selecting the right material for your package!

What are the steps in product packaging?

From the initial concept to its tangible form, product packaging involves a series of steps in order for it to be successful. Starting with design, customers are captivated by how colors and textures come together - from selecting hues that reflect brand identity down to typography choices that will appeal specifically towards their target demographic. The artwork and proofing phase then puts these elements into motion as mock-ups allow designers an ideal vision of what can become reality before moving on to production stages!

Material selection and construction are paramount when crafting packaging for customers. Quality assurance is our guarantee that the result of this meticulous process will stand strong against any transportation conditions, ensuring a dependable product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

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