Packaging Design

Apart from the functional requirements such as transport, protection, storage, nutritional and informational labelling, your product packaging should reflect your brand identity and unique selling point. Your product packaging forms an important part of your product offering and plays a vital role in the consumer decision-making process. A well-designed package provides brand recognition, quality assurance and consumer confidence.

We provide a range of professional design services from brand identity to graphic and product design. Our 3D packaging mock-ups and keyline creation offer a complete design and print proofing solutions. Our team of highly creative and skilled designers can carry out your design vision and make your products stand out above the rest. Whether you already have artwork completed, have an idea in your head, or have no idea where to begin, we can help you create the most beautiful labels, stickers, printed boxes, and packaging that will highlight your brand and tell your story.

Our Prepress and Production work together to optimise the effectiveness of your brand recognition across a variety of media and printing processes. Our packaging design goes further than the branding and graphic elements and encompasses all aspects of packaging requirements such as material selection, transport, protection and storage, printing processes, advice on best price points and economies of scale as well as all technical file considerations, special finish setup, keyline creation and mock-up services. 

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