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Printed Packaging Trays - Lift Your Brand & Protect Your Products

Make an impression with custom printed packaging trays from Brandpack.

Manufactured using high-quality, solid 300-400 gsm carton or kraft card, our printed packaging trays come functional yet stylish.

Here's what makes the printed packaging trays by Brandpack the ideal choice for you:

  • Brand Awareness: Get your logo, colors, and messaging out there with high-quality printing that catches the eye and drives home brand identity.
  • Product Protection: Our rigid card materials help your products travel and store safely, thus providing the most suitable protection.
  • Versatility: Our trays come in varieties of size and shape and are used to cater to varieties of products, be it bake goods, take-away containers, and even delicate retail display items.

Why Brandpack?

  • Customisation: We have a pool of extensive and diverse range of options to customise the packaging trays as per your needs for product and brand.
  • High-Quality Printing: Cutting-edge printing technology ensures bright colours and great details for that professional touch.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Batch or express lead times available
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our dedicated team assures you to help every step of the way, from design to delivery.

Ready to step up your packaging and bring your brand to the next level?

Let Brandpack be your partner in developing a packaging solution that will be strongly functional and visually appealing as well. Contact Brandpack today for a free, no-obligation quote on how our printed packaging trays can help your business.


300, 350 or 400 gsm double-side coated paperboard or Kraft card.

Our boxes are offset printed in full colour CMYK. CMYK is the colour space used in printing and stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Using a combination of these 4 inks in the CMYK colour space enables vibrant full colour printing of your boxes.

Order quantity is an important consideration in deciding on your product packaging boxes. The more boxes you order (higher order quantity), the lower the price per box. This is due to fixed prepress, production and shipping costs. Although we have no minimum order quantity on our retail boxes, you will find the best price breaks per box at 100-500+ boxes. For shipping boxes the best price breaks per box tend to be around 500-1000+ boxes depending on the size of the box.

If you are uncertain of the quantities required, we can help finding the best prices per box taking your budget and requirements into consideration.

Raised varnish or raised metallic foil

We offer a full design service, including dieline creation and 3D mockups.

Apart from the functional requirements such as transport, protection, storage, nutritional and informational labeling, your product packaging should reflect your brand identity and unique selling point. Customised packaging sleeves form an important part of your product offering and play a vital role in the consumer decision making process. A well designed box provides brand recognition, quality assurance and consumer confidence.

Our box printing services include 1 hour box design or typesetting. If your box design is a straight forward typeset and design requirement, with existing logo and brand graphics, there will be no additional design charge.

Once the job has moved through the prepress stages and the artwork and mockups or samples have been approved the job enters production. Our production lead time on retail boxes is approximately 15 working days.

The boxes are shipped flat for transportation with easy to follow folding instructions supplied.

We can offer out of batch printing on request with shorter lead times.

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