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A Creative Way to Promote Your Brand or Message 

Give your brand a boost with car and van stickers! Vehicle graphics, also known as car decals or car stickers, are an easy and affordable way to promote yourself. Express yourself by displaying logos, contact info, slogans - anything you can think of! Don't let your message get lost in the crowd; stand out from the competition today with eye-catching visuals that make a lasting impression. Car stickers have never been easier (or cheaper!) so start spreading the word now!

Durability & Cost Effectiveness 

Car stickers are an incredibly effective and affordable form of advertising - a moveable, long-lasting billboard that can reach thousands without the need for costly ongoing payments. Durability combined with affordability makes vehicle graphics one of the best investments in today's competitive marketing landscape. And unlike traditional methods such as print ads or TV commercials which limit exposure to only those who view them directly, car stickers get seen by all kinds of people on highways and city streets daily!

Designing Car Stickers 

Personalising your car just got easier! Taking advantage of the virtually endless possibilities for designing stickers, you can find colors and sizes that perfectly match both what you need and want - all without breaking the bank. You can send us your idea, final design or have our designers work with you on your vehicle graphics. With different materials available to put them on, express yourself in a unique way.                    

Materials for car stickers

Show off your style with the perfect car sticker for any need! Our vinyl stickers are a great choice – printed in vibrant full-color and able to withstand many years of wear, they'll look fresh no matter what. If you're looking for something temporary or easy removal is necessary, our static cling decals offer an ideal solution while still providing long lasting durability. Static cling material is also a popular option for parking permits. Magnetic vinyl is a terrific choice for car decals that are removable and repositionable with no damage or residue. This type of material offers vibrant, eye-catching clarity so your design won't be missed even on the toughest surfaces. And you can trust it's designed to weather any climate while remaining boldly visible - giving your message or logo lasting visibility regardless of terrain!

Do you offer vinyl cut lettering?

Yes, we offer vinyl sign lettering for cars. Our vinyl cut lettering for cars is the perfect way to get a professional, eye-catching look that won’t fade away over time. Not only does it have an impressive crisp finish, but its longevity ensures you can enjoy your custom design for longer than other materials provide!

Do you offer installation services

No, we do not offer installation services for car stickers. Here at our shop, we strive to make the car sticker installation process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible. We have both an extensive collection of resources available online that can help with any installing queries along with a team of experts who are just a call away in case additional assistance is needed. Furthermore, if preferred, contact details can also be provided so you may connect directly with one of our recommended installers!

How do you install car stickers?

Installing car stickers is relatively simple and straightforward - just make sure the surface you're applying it to is clean and free of debris. Peel off the backing paper slowly, then press on firmly using a squeegee or an old credit card for curved surfaces. Let the sticker sit undisturbed for 24-48 hours before washing it or driving around town so that its adhesion has time to settle in properly; certain types may require heat from a blow dryer during application as well. Have questions? Contact sales for detailed instructions and get ready to hit all those roads with flair!


Vinyl, magnetic vinyl, static cling

Minimum size: 10mm x 10mm

Maximum size: 1700mm x 1270mm

Any custom shape can be cut

Approx. 7-10 working days.

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