Cost benefits of custom packaging tape

Thursday, February 1, 2024

The cost effective benefits of using custom printed packaging tape

Custom printed packaging tape

While traditional box printing provides advantages it can be pricey and require large quantity orders. Custom printed packaging tape stands out as a budget option elevating your packaging into a powerhouse. Here are some advantages of printed tapes:

1. Affordable initial expenses

When compared to customised boxes, printed tape comes with a far lower costs per packaging unit. This enables you to create an impact with a smaller upfront investment.

2. Simplified inventory management

Say goodbye to the need for printed boxes for different product lines. Opt for standard boxes and add your custom tape to personalise them, making inventory management easier and reducing storage space requirements.

3. Flexibility in ordering

Unlike boxes, personalised tape often comes with minimum order quantities of only 36 rolls, giving you the freedom to adjust your branding for promotions or limited edition items without facing substantial expenses.

4. Improved efficiency

Get rid of the necessity for materials like packing slips or stickers. Just use your printed tape to showcase your logo, website details or contact information, streamlining your packaging process and cutting down on expenses.

5. Versatile branding options

Use your tape not only on boxes but also on different packaging items such as envelopes or gift bags to expand your brands visibility with one smart move.

Basically custom printed packaging tape provides a budget method to enhance your brand, streamline your processes, and cut down on unnecessary costs. It's a great choice for companies aiming to leave a mark without overspending.

Brandpack offers a range of custom packaging tapes, printed with up to 3 pantone colours to advertise your logo or branding in a range of materials to suit many packaging application requirements.

Our materials include


The most common and cost-effective option, available with different adhesives like hot melt (strong and versatile), acrylic (strong and quiet) or solvent (ideal for cold environments).


An eco-friendly option, perfect for businesses prioritizing sustainability. 


Offers a premium feel, quieter unwinding, and good adhesion, making it a good choice for heavier boxes or when a more professional presentation is desired.

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