About our bags

Brandpack offers the perfect way to package your products sustainably - custom printed bags! With a range of bag types, styles and materials available in Dublin, Ireland you can add visibility to any product while taking advantage of reusable packaging. From retail shopping bags to food packaging or promotional events like prize-givings and new product launches - it's all possible with our quality printing services. Let us help reach potential customers by advertising your brand today!

Advantages of custom branded bags

Reaching customers with custom branded bags gives you the chance to do more than just promote products. It's an opportunity to express your brand and make a lasting impression that builds loyalty while providing cost-effective advertising at no extra expense. Every time someone uses the bag, they spread awareness of your business far and wide - giving new shoppers a sense of exclusivity through personalized experiences!

Custom branded bags provide a unique opportunity for businesses to promote their brand while simultaneously helping the environment by being reusable and highly durable. Not only do these promotional items show off your business' style, but they also offer customers peace of mind that their products will be securely stored without fear of spillage or breakage. Ultimately, investing in custom branded bags is an excellent way for companies to boost visibility and help reduce plastic waste!

Types of bags we offer

Stand up pouches and flat bags

Our pouches and bags come in a variety of styles to suit any needs. Stand up pouch designs allow customers the perfect view into your product, creating an inviting display for food, snacks or cosmetics. Make sure you get noticed with one of our eye-catching packaging solutions!

Paper bags

Kraft paper bags bring an air of rustic charm to any event - be it a picnic, takeaway packaging or promotional handouts. Not only are they durable and available in various sizes and thicknesses but their eco-friendly aspects ensure that no matter the occasion, you can have peace of mind knowing your impact on the environment is minimal! At Brandpack we provide custom printed bag options with vibrant full colour prints which give businesses looking for branding potential unparalleled results; guaranteed to make customers take notice!

We offer a variety of custom paper bag printing options:

  • - Paper bags with flat handles
  • - Paper bags without handles
  • - Paper bags with twisted paper handles
  • - Laminated paper bags with string handles

Paper bags with flat handles

Flat-handle paper bags are a popular and budget-friendly packaging solution for retailers, supermarkets, bakeries, and coffee shops. Durable yet lightweight craftsmanship ensures that customers can comfortably stack multiple items in one trip without the worry of breakage or tearing from weak handles. With their sleek design and convenience, it's easy to see why these handy little packs have become an industry staple!

Paper bags without handles

Upgrade your store's look with modern paper bags! These stylish, handleless carriers are crafted from the highest quality materials and take up less space in storage - perfect for retail stores, supermarkets, and boutiques.

Paper bags with twisted paper handles

Reinforced twisted handles make paper bags not just economical, but surprisingly strong for convenient carrying of multiple items. Made from high-quality materials and designed with a stylish look in mind, these reliable packages are the go-to choice for businesses seeking an effective product packaging solution!

Laminated paper bags with string handles

Need a shopping bag that stands out? Look no further than laminated paper bags! These strong and durable beauties come with reinforced string handles for extra strength, as well as an elegant glossy finish to protect against water, grease, or tearing. Perfect for carrying heavier items like books and groceries - but it doesn't stop there; these super stylish pieces are available in various vibrant colours and designs so your brand can look great while still being practical enough to keep the products inside safe.

Cotton Tote Bags

For a classic, sturdy look that never goes out of style, businesses can trust cotton tote bags for their branding needs. Made from strong and dependable fabric these versatile bags are ideal for any situation such as carrying heavier items like books or groceries in one convenient trip thanks to reinforced handles providing extra strength and durability.

Custom printed cotton totes are an amazing way for businesses to showcase their brand and stand out from the competition. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs these stylish bags protect products while highlighting your company logo or branding with full-colour printing - providing you with personalised promotional pieces perfect for any business aesthetic!

Not only are these bags fashionable, but they offer an array of environmental benefits compared to plastic. Display your business’s commitment to sustainability with stylish and cost-effective custom printed cotton totes – a true eco-friendly alternative! Reusable and recyclable, these sturdy accessories will not only help reduce the amount of waste in our environment but also keep customers from constantly needing new packaging materials - saving them money over time.

Our bag ordering process

The first step in creating your custom bags is to carefully consider the application, sizes and packaging requirements followed by material selection, colour, branding and message. Our team and designers are here to help you choose the right bag and design for your requirements. We offer bags from a low minimum order quantity of 100 bags in a range of sizes. Whilst we offer low minimum order quantities, we always advise our customers on the best price per unit, as with all custom printing, the price per unit decreases with a higher-order quantity due to fixed production costs.

Our bags are screen printed in 1 to 4 colours, and we offer full-colour digital printing on light colour bags.

Fast turnaround and delivery in Ireland

We offer fast turnarounds and our standard printing lead time is 10-15 days with next day delivery to anywhere in Ireland. Contact sales for express delivery options.