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Stand up pouches

A More Convenient, Sustainable Packaging Solution

Stand up pouches, also known as Doypack bags, are the perfect way to package, store and transport products. With an outer layer of film material (usually plastic or laminate) coupled with a moisture-proof barrier such as aluminum foil inside - these bags offer unbeatable convenience. Not only do they stand upright independently but their lightweight design makes them cost effective for shipping too! Enjoy effortless flexible packaging solutions today with our Stand Up Pouching!

Stand Up Pouch for Food

With the growing trend of sustainability, doypacks are becoming an increasingly popular choice in food packaging. Not only do they help preserve freshness without additional chemicals or preservatives; thanks to their unique shape and eye-catching visuals, these recyclable bags make products more visible on store shelves – bringing a huge boost to sales potential!

While the traditional box has been the go-to packaging solution for many products, stand up pouches are quickly gaining popularity as a more sustainable and convenient option.

Struggling with old and outdated packaging options? 

Switch it up this season and go with stand up pouch! They provide maximum flexibility, convenience and sustainability while still making your product look professional. Show off your brand in style with packaging that will make it easier to feature exactly what you offer— no matter how unique or specialised. Get ahead of the game today by switching up to a more modern approach - choose a stand up pouch for an eye catching display every time!

Check out our collection of stand-up pouches for unbeatable deals.

What are the benefits of a stand up pouch?

These innovative pouches offer a range of benefits compared to traditional box packaging solutions; they use less material, are lightweight, take up less space in warehouses, and can be easily opened with a resealable zipper. Moreover, a stand up pouch offers an eye-catching presentation that draws customers' attention with their unique shape. For businesses, stand up pouches are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness. Additionally, since they have no hard corners or edges, these bags take up less space than boxes- meaning more products can be shipped in fewer containers, resulting in further cost savings.

From a consumer standpoint, stand up pouches provide convenience that traditional packaging can't match. Our stand up pouches make life easier for consumers, boasting a sleek look and requiring minimal effort to open or close. Perfect if you have multiple components needing packaging - no hassle needed! Furthermore, stand up pouches often feature resealable closures which help keep contents fresh and secure for longer periods of time by keeping out moisture and air.

Another major benefit of stand up pouch packaging is its sustainability factor. Not only does it offer major savings when considering production materials, space requirements during shipping, and convenience; It's also far more eco-friendly than other conventional packages.


We use the highest quality materials for our pouches. Our stand up pouch packaging is made from a variety of materials including PET (Gloss, Matt and Transparent), Recyclable paper, Recyclable PE and Paper with aluminum barrier to ensure that your products are well-protected in transit and on display. Each material has its own unique properties that provide different levels of durability and protection. The transparent PET option provides excellent clarity so customers can easily view the contents; while the recyclable paper gives an organic feel without compromising on strength or protection. And finally, the paper with aluminum barrier offers superior insulation to keep ingredients fresh for longer periods of time.

With so many packaging materials available, selecting the right size stand up pouch for your product can be tricky. To start off on the right foot and get a perfect fit, measure out its volume or weight capacity along with other key factors such as thickness, shape and additional features like zipper closures or tear notches - keeping in mind that some material options may have their own unique sizing methods due to their particular properties.

Our pouches are available in the following volumes/dimensions (Width x Depth x Height):

  • 100ml (90x60x150mm)
  • 300ml (120x70x185mm)
  • 400ml (130x80x220mm)
  • 700ml (160x80x220mm)
  • 800ml (180x80x220mm)
  • 1250ml (180x80x270mm)
  • 1750ml (220x80x270mm)
  • 2000ml (220x80x310mm)
  • 2800ml (260x120x295mm)

Yes, we also offer flat pouches, the perfect choice for businesses seeking reliable packaging without compromising on style. Create custom designs that show off your brand - all in a lightweight format designed to maximize space savings. With us you get the convenience of flexible options plus superior protection at an affordable cost!

Yes, our transparent pouches can be created with custom shape pouch windows.

Our production lead time for pouches fluctuates depending on current capacity and order quantity and is between 10-14 days. Please contact sales for a specific requirement.

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