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These resin domed stickers are extremely durable, as the resin protects the print. The resin dome also magnifies the logo and enhances the colours. Domed stickers are perfect to be used as labels and nameplates and are especially popular for use on electrical appliances and for computer hardware, trade and craft labeling.

Our domed stickers are die-cut to any custom shape required.

Printed as standard with a white background, but also available in the following materials: Silver (standard, chrome and brushed), gold (standard, chrome and brushed), rose gold (standard, chrome and brushed), metallic rainbow (chrome), high tack adhesive (white) and removable adhesive (white).


Base comprises white gloss vinyl, with a polyurethane resin dome which is scratch-resistant, UV protective and mercury-free. The dome is approx 1.5mm thick

Permanent solvent free acrylic.

Supplied on sheets.

Minimum size: 5mm x 5mm

Maximum size: 396mm x 376mm

Minimum 1mm radius.

Approx 10 working days.

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