Label Printing

Brandpack offers high-quality label printing in any size, shape, and material for diverse applications in ultra-high printing resolutions. Create custom labels for products, packages, or personal needs with ease.

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Label Materials

Paper Labels

Looking for full-colored labels to enhance your packaging and products? Our paper labels are the perfect labeling solution for the food, health and beauty care, electronics, home appliances, beverage industries and more. Our labels feature a smooth, white base with a semi-gloss finish that resists smudging and scuffing. The liner backing provides a powerful adhesive, ensuring that the labels remain in place. These paper labels offer excellent print quality. Our labels are ideal for use on cardboard packaging, glass bottles, and bulk packaging, and come with three adhesive options: standard, strong, and easily removable. So, whatever your needs may be, our labels offer a customisable solution that won't peel off or lose their glossy appearance. Stand out with maximum printing resolution quality and let our premium paper labels add a vibrant, colourful touch to your brand identity. Make sure your products never get forgotten or lost by choosing our high-quality paper labels. Also available in an eco-friendly recycled paper.

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Polypropylene Labels

Personalised labels need to be tough enough to last, and that's where polypropylene vinyl labels shine. With their semi-glossy finish, these labels are not only versatile but also extremely durable. They can withstand water, grease, chemicals and even rough handling, making them ideal for surfaces that need a label that can keep up. Polypropylene vinyl labels are widely used in industries like food, beverage, and cosmetics. They are available in white, transparent, and silver and serve as a durable, high-quality alternative to paper labels. Also available in an eco-friendly ISCC PLUS certified polypropylene film with waterborne acrylic adhesive.

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PET (Polyester) Labels

PET polyester labels have quickly gained popularity due to their durability and versatility. These labels work for all applications and are popular for industrial products. They feature a glossy finish that highlights your graphics and makes them stand out. Plus, PET labels are water-resistant and resilient, which means they can handle exposure to tough conditions like chemicals and extreme temperatures. Perfect for use in appliances or automotive parts, PET polyester labels will make sure your products look amazing and last a long time. Discover the value of PET polyester labels today!

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Cream Paper

Take your project to the next level of elegance and refinement by printing labels on cream paper. Featuring a soft, muted tone, cream paper provides a subtle contrast to dark text or images, making your design refined and eye-catching. Whether you're creating branded stickers for your business or adding a personalised touch to wedding invitations, printing on cream paper will make your project stand out from the crowd. With endless options for fonts, graphics, and styles, unleash your creativity while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Add warmth and sophistication to your design with cream paper.

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Lined Ivory

Introducing lined ivory labels - the perfect material to make a statement. With their elegant and sophisticated appearance, lined ivory labels provide the ideal backdrop for your text or design. From product packaging to homemade jams to personalised wedding favours, these labels are sure to impress. Get creative and watch as they transform any ordinary item into something extraordinary.

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Textured Ivory

Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your labelling needs? Look no further than textured ivory paper. With its luxurious feel and unique texture, this classic paper is the perfect choice for labelling high-end product packaging. Not only will it make your labels stand out in any crowd, but it will also add a sense of old-world charm that can't be beat. Don't settle for ordinary labelling techniques - give your project the special touch it deserves with textured ivory label printing.

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For businesses in need of clear, long-lasting, and water-resistant labels, transparent polypropylene is the optimal option. This kind of material imparts a contemporary edge to your product, allowing it to be elegantly highlighted while still providing pertinent information. Regardless of the industry, whether cosmetics or food, transparent polypropylene labels are a dynamic solution for companies that want to differentiate their packaging. With sophisticated printing technologies, your custom designs and fonts can be vividly displayed on high definition labels, drawing in consumers and making your product stand out from the rest.

Image of label material is with white backing liner, material is transparent without this liner.

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Elevate your business with pearl label printing - the ultimate in sophistication and luxury. Labels are essential for modern-day businesses, and customised pearl labels add an extra touch of elegance to your products. The natural iridescent sheen and lustrous glow of this material creates a unique visual impact that captivates customers. With high-quality pearl labels, your brand can showcase products in a refined and upscale manner, making a lasting impression on consumers. Perfect for luxury brands that want to stand out in a competitive market, don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your branding with pearl label printing.

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Uncoated Paper

With its natural, organic appearance and soft finish, uncoated paper is a favourite for label printing. By using uncoated paper, you're adding a unique touch of character and authenticity to your product packaging that customers are sure to notice.

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Linen Paper

For an upscale, refined feel, select linen paper. Its unique texture and opulent finish add a touch of sophistication to any label design, and it's a popular choice for luxury product packaging. Linen paper is versatile and stylish, perfect for creating custom wine labels or elevating your product packaging. With its vibrant colors and clean lines, your labels will make a lasting impression on customers or guests. Don't settle for average labels, let linen paper help you create something extraordinary.

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Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper

Looking for a label material that's versatile, eco-friendly, and stylish? Look no further than kraft paper. This increasingly popular material is perfect for companies looking to enhance their brand image and convey important product information through attractive labels. With its natural, rustic look, kraft paper is ideal for environmentally conscious consumers. Plus, its durability means it can withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas like store shelves. That's why more and more companies are turning to kraft paper for all their label printing needs.

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Gold Paper

Looking for a way to make your product packaging stand out? Look no further than using gold paper for your labels. Gold is a timeless choice that exudes elegance and luxury, making it perfect for high-end products. With gold paper, your packaging will catch the eye of customers and make a lasting impression. The versatility of gold paper means you can use it to add a touch of luxury to a simple design or complement ornate patterns for an even more regal effect. Thanks to our modern printing technology, it's easy to customise your labels with stunning precision and make them uniquely yours. Don't settle for ordinary labels when the power of gold can turn your packaging into an extraordinary opportunity.

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Silver Paper or Polypropylene

If you're in search of premium quality materials, silver paper and polypropylene labels are the top options available. Silver paper labels are excellent for those who want to add sophistication and elegance to their products with a shimmering effect ideal for high-end items. Meanwhile, polypropylene labels are perfect for products that are frequently handled or exposed to harsh elements due to their durability and resistance to water, oil, and chemicals.

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Label Finishes & Adhesives


Lamination - Gloss or Matt
Varnish - Gloss or Matt
Spot Raised Varnish
Metallic Gold Hotstamp
Metallic Silver Hotstamp


Extra Strong

Label Orientation

Core Sizes

76 mm (Standard)
50 mm
40 mm
38 mm
25 mm


About our labels

Label printing for product packaging, branding and functional applications. Product labels form an integral part of your branding, they provide an advertisement for your product, they help communicate and differentiate your brand from others and form a vital role in the consumer decision making process, together with providing informational and functional applications in terms of content specifications, safety and legislative requirements, ingredients and barcoding. Whether you need labels for bottles, jars, health and nutrition products or if you need mailing labels for your product packaging, we can help you create custom labels that will reflect your unique brand and style.

Brandpack works with businesses, large and small. We understand that your unique story is what sets you apart. Consumers may first buy your product to try it, but they will keep coming back if they connect with your brand and story. Even if you are unsure of what you want your label to look like, we will help identify what sets you apart from your competitors and create a custom design that will tell your story.

What we offer

Brandpack offers comprehensive product labeling services, from artwork design and file preparation to printing and label finishing. We utilise only the best printing technologies for the highest quality labels printed in full colour with photographic high resolution images, ultra crisp bar codes, sharp text and graphics.

We have a huge selection of label certified materials to choose from for any industry or application. If you're not sure of your required specifications, we can help advise on the best material for your needs and application in terms of both aesthetics and functional requirements. We print on a range of papers, polyesters, polypropylene and vinyl labels including GHS certified, water, oil, UV and abrasion resistant materials printed on durable inks together with variety of finishes including matt, semi-gloss, gloss, textured, transparent, metallic and coloured. We also offer label finishing including lamination, varnishing and a variety of adhesive options. View our material guide, or contact us to discuss your label requirements.

Custom label shapes

Product packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and so should your labels. Our labels can be cut to any shape or size at no extra charge and are supplied on rolls for automatic machine or manual application.

Who we print for

We print for brands, trade printers, packaging firms and fillers, advertising agencies, promotional events, giftware companies and for personal use and events. We serve all industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare, cosmetic, chemical and other. Our most popular labels include custom printed labels for bottles (wines, beers, spirits), jars, bags, coffee and tea packaging, food packaging containers, cans, cosmetic and personal care packaging, tubes, pots and many more.

Cost effective pricing and fast turnarounds

We offer some of the fastest turnarounds available thanks to our advanced printing production processes. For instant cost-effective pricing, see our easy to use online calculators, or if you would prefer to speak with a sales rep please contact us via email or phone to discuss your label requirements.