Paper Cups

About our paper cups

Brandpack offers a full range of paper cup printing and design services in Ireland for the restaurant, catering, sporting, and hospitality industries. Our paper cups are printed on single, double or thermal wall paper in a range of sizes from 8 – 16 oz. We offer PE, natural PLA or a new bio water-based (no plastic) carrier for biodegradability and composability. Our cups can be used for cold or hot beverages (max. 95 degrees Celsius), with thermal wall options most suitable for high-temperature drinks. We also offer ice cream and soup paper cup printing.

Printing in CMYK with Pantone option available on request. Our standard production lead time is only 5 weeks, with an express 3 week delivery available. 

Printed paper cups are used anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. A standard container for all types of beverages, paper cups are the popular choice of to-go cups for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and more.

In addition to the practical uses of printed paper cups, it is essential to take advantage of the popularity of branded paper cups. Why? Well, not only are paper cups perfect for holding your beverages, but they are also a simple--and highly effective--marketing method.

Think about it this way: no matter what someone is doing, as long as they hold a branded paper cup, they are advertising what is printed on the cup for free. Therefore, every paper cup presents a unique opportunity for companies to reach hundreds of people daily with their branding. 

Custom printed paper cups are a creative canvas to display any message or print. They can showcase your brand's logo, story, photograph, artwork, web address, social media handle, web address, or even a phone number. Whatever you need to be marketed, present it on a paper cup for maximum marketing exposure. 

At Brandpack, creating custom paper cups printed with your logo and information is a breeze! Our team of experts is committed to offering exceptional customer service with fast production turnarounds utilizing only the best printing technologies for the highest quality paper cup printing. We offer a wide selection of high-quality printed paper cups so that you can create the perfect combination of beverage and branding through thoughtful advertising. 

Our selection of branded paper cups includes:

● Single Wall Cups

● Double Wall Cups

● Thermal Wall Cups

● Eco Paper Cups

● Ice Cream/Soup Cups