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Eco-Friendly Paper Cups: Your Daily Dose of Sustainability (and Coffee)

Admit it—disposable cups suck. We all love that grab-and-go convenience, but those plastic-lined things leave a nasty taste in our mouths—literally and figuratively.

Meet the guilt-free eco-friendly paper cup – your new best friend for guilt-free sipping! These babies are 100% free of plastic. Forget about the PE or PLA lining and say hello to a cool, water-based coating that keeps your drink happy and the planet happier.

But that's not all the good stuff! These cups will biodegrade and compost like ninjas, so nothing is left to be found. Plus, the paper comes from responsible forests, so you know these cups won't add to deforestation woes.

Think you've got to choose between the environment and convenience?

Think again! These cups can be as tough and leakproof as your regulars, while holding your favorite hot or cold without turning your hand into a swamp. We offer sizes from that quick espresso shot to that giant iced tea to cool your thirst in the summer.

Who needs such cool cups?

Eco-warriors on the go, that's you!

Businesses that want to show their green side (because going green is cool, people!)

And anyone else having a party — because even eco-champs need to cut loose with their friends, and these cups won't have a landfill-sized footprint! Tiny changes make a world of difference. Grab some of these paper cups and you can pretty much single-handedly change the game. Your taste buds and the planet will thank you (probably with a high five if planets had hands). Now go conquer the day, one sustainable sip at a time!


  • 8 oz (200 - 250 ml)
  • 12 oz (300 - 350 ml)
  • 16 oz (400 - 450 ml)

Single wall

Semi-matte white paper

BIO water-based carrier coated

Double wall

Gloss white paper

BIO water-based carrier coated

Thermal wall

2 sheet paper, with a 1.5mm gap between layers for insulation

Gloss white paper

BIO water-based carrier coated

Full-colour CMYK. Pantone colours available on request

5-6 weeks

1000 cups

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