Branding solutions utilising stickers

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Many businesses find themselves in a crowded market space, vying for attention amongst increasingly savvy consumers. It is imperative to stand out, and there are more ways to utilise the power of custom printed stickers to bolster your branding efforts than you may think.

Brand your space

Wall and window stickers can transform your space, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but by providing a cohesive brand experience for your customer. This can help you to communicate to your customers that you are an established business, who invests time and effort into your enterprise, and will be sure to give your customers a good perception.

Provide critical information

Stickers are a functional tool when it comes to providing information to your customer and they will appreciate having everything they need to know included with their package. Stickers can be fun and eye catching as well as informative, so custom printed stickers can help to create a feeling of goodwill and positivity with the purchase. 

Beautiful packaging

Whether you are using boxes, bags, or tissue paper to pack up your customer's purchase, a well designed and professionally printed sticker can do wonders for your branding efforts. Additionally, stickers can be used to seal and secure the goods, so that they are in optimal condition when your customer arrives home and unpacks their purchase. 

Hand outs and giveaways

Customers always appreciate receiving a free sticker as a small token of your appreciation for their purchase and will in turn become an ambassador for your brand by displaying the stickers possibly on their car bumper, laptop, phone case, to name a few examples. Include 2 or 3 stickers in their package and your reach will spread. 

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