How food packaging labels can benefit your restaurant business

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Getting your brand and branding message out there is a crucial aspect of every business, and no opportunity should be wasted. That is why branded food packaging is so beneficial to restaurants, cafe's and takeouts and the humble label can save the day! Utilising custom printed takeout labels help you to present an attractive and cohesive image of your eatery and a unified presentation of your brand is essential when it comes to impressing your customers and promoting your business. 

Food packaging labels

High quality and consistent packaging is a must, but not every eatery can afford custom printed packaging and this is where a little label can go a long way:


Labels can help make things go a little smoother - wrapping a sandwich? Seal it with a sticker. Packing up food in a bag? Close it neatly with a sticker. Not only do food labels help to prevent spills, but they serve as tamper evidence seals as well for added peace of mind to your customer. 


Whether you want printed labels for every option in your establishment, or you opt for a part printed label that allows you to fill in the blanks, enabling your customer to identify what's what in their order is crucial and made so much easier by utilising custom printed food labels. Yes you could write on the box or bag, or stick on a boring white label, but a branded food label that is professionally designed and printed speaks such volume for the overall customer experience. Food labels also address many areas of manageability and productivity within your establishment. 

A marketing opportunity

Takeout labels are the ideal way to emblazon each order with your logo and branding message. You know that your food is great, now get your name on it! A label is a fun, yet professional and attractive way to brand anything from ciabatta wrappers, to food bags, to takeout cups and much more. Including cutlery and a napkin? Don't just chuck it in the bag, wrap and seal with a sticker - your customer will appreciate the gesture and you'll be getting another chance to bring your brand name to the fore.


A sticker is a great way to share key information with your customer. Hopefully they will be a returning customer and having information on your packaging such as your contact number, web address, and so on will help to remind them how to contact you again. Upcoming special offers? Offering a discount on the customers next order will ensure that your customer keeps your sticker in their wallet or on their fridge!

Getting social

We all know how much people like to share foodie snaps on social media! Help your customer to engage with you for positive feedback by utilising fun and creative social media stickers that create a call to action. A simple #instaym #mycafename is sure to get them snapping!

Feel good factor

A roll of super fun labels can go a long way to enhancing the feel good factor that is naturally present when enjoying take out food and will be sure to endure your customer to your brand - and customer loyalty is a prize worth coveting. Serving up a healthy option - a simple "Made with love" sticker with your logo on it is sure to make the customer feel extra great. 

Brandpack prints high quality, cost effective food labels for across all sectors and we're always happy to talk labels with you and help you get the most out of your label printing. 

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