Jar Labels: A Case Study in Fermentation Fun

Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Power of the Jar Label: A Case Study in Fermentation Fun with Mu Ferments

A jolt of color and fun in your face. My friends, that is the magic of Mu Ferments.

This Dublin brand does not play around when it comes to pickled and fermented vegetables. Not only are the products a burst of flavour in the mouth—but the packaging itself is as bright and exciting as the food. Here at Brandpack, we had the pleasure of working with Mu Ferments and we were excited to help create a label that would pay homage to their delicious products.

Jar label printing

The Challenge: Standing Out in a Sea of Dill

The scene in fermented foods these days is hotter than a habanero pepper. And with so many brands jockeying for space on the shelf, Mu Ferments knew its labels had to work double-time. Informative, they needed to say exactly what was inside and what the shopper was getting. But they also had to grab attention and shout: "Hey, pick me!"

The Solution: Bold Design Meets Durable Materials

We worked with the Mu Ferments crew to create beautiful and durable labels.

Built to Last

Printed on a PP label material, these labels are varnished with a matte finish. Why? It's resistant to moisture and tearing, great for those fridge-dwelling jars, while lending the labels a rather neat high-quality feel that complements the design, making the whole product look even more compelling.

The Result: Labels that Sell—and Look Good Doing It!

The ultimate result? A total win-win. The eye-catching Mu Ferments labels are attractive on the shelf, and the clear information ensures that shoppers know exactly what they are getting.

Are you ready to get your food products popping on the shelf? We'd love to chat! Get in touch with Brandpack today, and let's talk about how to make jar labels that look as delicious as your food!

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