Large Format Printing Materials

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When it comes to choosing the best material for your large format prints, it is fantastic to have a vast array of materials are available but it can be difficult to know which material is most appropriate for you.

Brandpack prints on a wide range of materials for almost any branding application including rigid sign boards, banners, exhibition displays and roll up banners, wall and window graphics, floor graphics, textile and decor printing, POS media, cardboard displays and more.

Brandpack large format printing

Here we have provided a comprehensive list of materials with a description of their properties and common uses, to guide you in your large format print project.

Correx / Polypropylene structured 3mm

Correx printing

Commonly known as Correx®‎ or corriboard, this fluted / corrugated plastic sheeting is a staple when it comes to light and durable display boards, cost effective rigid sign boards and election poster boards. 

Polypropylene honeycomb 3mm

Honeycomb plastic printing

With added rigidity, this plastic sheeting comprises an inner core with a honeycomb matrix for added durability and is well suited to double sided printing, making it ideal for all of your outdoor info board and display poster requirements.  

Dibond Aluminium 3mm

Dibond aluminium printing

Dibond is a composite material, with a tough outer skin of aluminium on both sides surrounding a rigid plastic core, which makes this one of the more rigid and durable sheet materials while maintaining a lightweight characteristic that makes handling and installation easy and hassle free. Suitable for single or double sided printing, this durable and solid board can be used in a wide reaching applications, ranging from info boards in retail or office environments, to cladding and hoarding on the construction site. 

Foamed pvc / Foamex

Foamboard foamex printing

Foam or foamex boards are a solid core plastic sheeting that is as versatile as it is functional, with applications ranging from indoor and outdoor signage & info boards, POS materials & displays, to sign letters and much more. Suitable for printing on one or two sides, and with sharp graphic display properties, foamex can suit many advertising or signage requirements. 

Corrugated board 3-layer e-flute or b-flute

Corrugated box printing

Three layer corrugated board is your traditional corrugated card with smooth outer surfaces and a single line of corrugation to provide bulk & rigidity to the board while remaining lightweight and hence suitable for many display options especially useful in display stands, POS materials, packaging and more. Choose from 1.5mm thick e-flute or 3mm thick b-flute varieties, depending on your required application and intended durability. 

Corrugated board 5-layer eb-flute or bc-flute

Corrugated card printing

Corrugated board for stands, displays, POS materials, boxes, figures and more.

Solid Board GC2

Solid board GC2 printing

Solid board comprised a white, mid-sheen print surface and an uncoated kraft underside, allowing for economical application for advertising totems and POS stands, as well as use for packaging, wrapping and other retail requirements. 

Frontlit Banner

Frontlit banner printing

For stunning, long-lasting graphics that can withstand most weather conditions, this premium scrim pvc media is perfect for all indoor and outdoor hanging banners & soft signage applications, and it can be finished in various options including reinforced hemming where the edges of the banner are folded and welded to provide a stiffened edge, along with eyeleting for complete functionality and longevity. 

Frontlit Banner (Laminated)

Frontlit laminated banner

For longer term outdoor advertising usage, overlamination of our frontlit banner material will prolong the life of your advertising display, ensuring excellent value for money reducing the need for re-installation of more permanent display options. 


650 g/m²

Blockout banner printing

With a composite inner opaque layer this material is not only the ultimate in heavy-duty banner fabrics, but is also suitable for double sided printing, giving you unlimited options for all of your hanging displays and soft signage advertising & signage requirements. 

Backlit Banner

Backlit banner print

Unique in its combination of toughness and transparency, this scrim pvc banner material can be used in the creation of any backlit display scenarios, adding a little something extra to your advertising or expo display in an illuminated and eye catching manner. 


Mesh printing

This mesh material is a non woven pvc option, with fine, frequent perforations throughout to provide maximum printability without compromising on its function as a wind resistance reducing display option, ensuring maximum airflow and enhancing its longevity and functional safety in high wind areas such as any outdoor banner or cladding scenario. 


Canvas printing

The traditional textured woven appearance of this coated canvas gives a luxurious and authentic appearance to graphic reproductions of paintings and other display solutions. With excellent light diffusion properties, and a soft matt sheen, this is the ultimate in aesthetic display media for your creative print requirements. 

Wallart Vinyl Adhesive

Wallart vinyl printing

Smooth matt vinyl, with outstanding colour representation and a medium term indoor or outdoor life, make this material the top choice for all self-adhesive display options where a high quality print is required and ease of installation for a multitude of smooth, flat surfaces is needed. Used as an economical solution for general signage and other flat indoor and outdoor applications.

Artist Premium

Artist printing

With a delicate appearance, combined with a natural cotton-like appearance, this lightly flecked material is the go to for all artistic and uniquely creative marketing and display applications, ranging from interior decor and aesthetic decorative solutions, to curtaining, backdrops and exhibition stands. 

Textile blockout light

320 g/m²

Textile printing

Textile suitable for double sided print, indoor banners, complete exhibition stands

Photopaper latex print

Photo paper printing

A stunning satin sheen finish on the photo poster paper helps to bring your images to life with excellent colour reproduction and great depth of texture, this mid-gloss photo paper is the first choice for high quality posters and photographic prints. 

Monomer Vinyl

Monomer vinyl print

Self-adhesive vinyl, suitable for indoor or short to medium term outdoor applications and used in a wide variety of decal and graphic display scenarios where an easy to apply, economical option is required without compromising on quality and customisability of print. Available in matt or gloss, and with added over lamination film for extra durability and scratch resistance. Lamination also provides additional easy of installation. 

Monomer with floor laminate

Self-adhesive vinyl with a specifically designated textured lamination film gives you the ability to utilise your floor space with functional & unique branding possibilities while providing peace of mind that your walking surface will be safe and non-slip. 

Citylight Paper

Citylight poster printing

An economical yet vibrant poster paper, with a soft sheen and high tensile strength, this paper is ideally suited for all of your marketing and custom printed poster requirements, and can even be used as a low cost option in your display light boxes making it the perfect choice for high turnover graphic situations where cost is a factor without compromising on the eye catching effect of a backlit display. 

Backlight Film

Backlit poster paper printing

This non tear, semi translucent film can be used for any advertising poster print requirement but is specially designed for optimal use in backlit and lightbox display options due to its excellent shine through capabilities which provides illumination to your graphic without compromising on clarity and brightness of the printed graphic. 

One Way Vision

Contravisioin one way vision printing

One way vision, commonly known as Contra Vision®, is a self adhesive vinyl with micro perforations that provide a clever and unique application allowing window spaces to be looked in only from the unprinted side, meaning that you can transform any window, from a car or van, to an entire shopfront, into an advertising space without shutting out the interior or impeding vision where needed.  



Whiteback large format material roll up

Versatile and cost effective, this high sheen, semigloss paper is ideal for all advertising posters or artistic graphic prints, due to its smooth coating, vivid colour representation and suitability for printing high resolution & fine detail print. 

Roll up film

Roll up banner printing

This media is created specifically for roll up banner displays, with its excellent stay flat properties, and medium weight for ultimate stability, along with anti-glare matt surface and greyback opacity, this material encompasses all of the requirements for a highly functional banner display while ensuring premium display impact for your advertising message. 

Pop up film

Pop up banner film print

Pop up film is a near rigid, yet flexible, display material, designed for use in all large format pop up displays. The rigidity of the material ensures that your display looks its best with no sagging or warping, but with enough flexibility to be rolled up and packed away for transportation and storage. 

Frosted adhesive

Frosted vinyl print

This speciality vinyl gives an etched, almost silvery effect to your window displays. Commonly used for as privacy film, as colour, shapes and movement become less discernible when the film is used, but when combined with custom printed graphics, there is no limit to the creativity that can be employed when using this unique and eye catching material. 


Easydot printing

With all the display properties of self-adhesive vinyl, such as vivid colour representation and durability, this clever material utilised punctuated adhesive dots which makes it easy to handle, remove and reposition which provides a great deal of flexibility for self install wall and window displays and graphics, you can even store seasonal or ad hoc displays for reuse as needed. 

Magnetic film

Magnetic material printing

Custom printed magnetic film enables you to turn any magnetic metal surface into a marketing or display opportunity, with the added benefit of being easy to remove and reuse as required. Ever popular as a flexible and removable way of capitalising on advertising space presented by your car or van, but with endless possibilities ranging from fridge magnet graphics to magnetic presentation boards and more.


Carpet printing

For the ultimate branding experience, consider adding a high quality, custom printed carpet to your next trade show booth, exhibition, product launch or any event or space that could benefit from a highly unique marketing aspect. Our printed carpeting material has a durable rubberised underside, that enables you to turn anything from a showroom floor to a red carpet event into a custom branding opportunity.


Airmesh printing

This light weight, highly air permeable fabric is a durable and robust option for high wind areas and is ideally suited for large outdoor banners and flags, combined with high colour clarity and brightness, for an appearance that is sure to impress and sure to last.


Floor printing

Rolls of vinyl flooring material provide a highly durable yet cost effective flooring option, as it can be cut to size and fitted with ease, and is low maintenance and water resistant. Combined with is cushioning underfoot quality, this is the go to flooring option for a variety of branded floor space requirements from showrooms, reception areas and recreational spaces, to trade show stands and exhibitions. 

Terra Banner

220 g/m²

Terra Banner

For an environmentally friendly option, this versatile material is an ideal choice for eco conscious applications as it is PVC free and is recyclable (PET), all without compromising on whiteness and durability with its special resin coating. 

Recytex Banner

300 g/m²

Recycled Banner Material

This PVC free banner media is 100% recyclable (PP), and is light and easy to handle and install making it versatile and adaptable, ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications such as banners, display frame systems and POS material. 


Polymesh banner printing

An ecologically friendly mesh option, with it's PVC free composition, this mesh banner textile is permeable to air making it ideal for printing material for scaffolding and building facades, without compromising on the consistency of the printed image thanks to its dense mesh with additional interlacing for bright and expressive displays.  


350 g/m²

Air Mesh banner printing

A final woven and highly durable fabric, the finely structured structured composition of this textile allows for super sharp clarity of print, combined with a non-shine matt finish, this high quality fabric is ideal for use as wall coverings, and large format displays thanks to it's water repellent and scratch resistant qualities. 

Polyester Textile

115 g/m²

Polyester banner printing

The fine knit polyester is a lightweight, economical and versatile textile, printed in brilliant colour utilising the latest sublimation technology, this material is the go to option for traditional flags, beach flags, banners, advertising bunting & garlands, large format media decoration and much more. 

Polyester Textile

210 g/m²

Banner printing materials

For superior durability and opacity, the premium polyester textile fabric provides a denser print surface than the lighter polyester options which not only provides added longevity but enables greater clarity of fine detail print reproductions for crisper text. This material is used for a range of flag and banner printing options, 

Mesh Flag

115 g/m²

Mesh flag printing

Mesh textile incorporates all the advantages of the lightweight polyester materials with the added benefit of perforation to allow maximum through-flow of air, making mesh the robust choice for any potentially windy area and large format outdoor banners & flags, scaffolding cladding, fencing covers, stadium pitch flags, and much more.

Blackback Pro

Black back banner printing

For complete opacity, this non-see through material incorporates a solid black rubberised lining, for all of your block out display requirements. It is perfect for display walls, privacy cladding, and also for any double flag printing requirements. 

Stretch Pro

Stretch banner printing

With the ultimate stretchbility, this material is used in our range of expo and trade show display media, primarily in large format backdrop display walls where fabric is becoming a firm favourite due to its lightweight functionality, and excellent colour reproduction combined with its unique light diffusion properties, ensuring not only an easy to use, but highly aesthetic display option.  

Textile Fabric

Textile banner printing

This cloth fabric has a smooth velvety touch, lending a luxury look to your fabric advertising collateral. The plush feel of this material, combined with its excellent colour reproduction, makes it the top choice for branded soft furnishings such as pillows, cube seats and table cloths, and can also be used in a variety of expo display stands. 


Decor fabric printing

With a high density, tough weave, that gives a premium lightly textured canvas feel, this versatile material is used in a wide range of custom printed fabric marketing applications such branded directors chairs, promotional deckchairs, wind barrier screens and much more. 

Tent Fabric

Tent fabric print 

Tough and waterproof, this fabric is specially used for all of our custom printed tent and gazebo options, ensuring that your printed message cannot be missed at your next event or trade show thanks to the unique printability of all exterior surfaces including the roof. Our tents and gazebos are ideal for any outdoor or indoor event, where a roof or enclosure is required and is available in multiple modular configurations, ensuring the ultimate in customisability and functionality to suit any requirement. The tent sets include a robust aluminium frame, a handy transport bag, a set of ground stakes and a hammer. 

Veil Fabric

Veil fabric printing

This is our most delicate and translucent textile option, which allows stunning graphic representation while providing a unique and gossamer like quality to your marketing displays. Ideally suited to curtaining and similar applications, this material is also used in our 3D banner displays. 

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