SALE! The importance of labels for your next hot event

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

On Sale Label Printing

Running a sale in a retail shop is a busy and important event. It is essential that your sale is run in such a way that enables you to capitalise on increased sales to not only clear stock but to turn a profit. Additionally, your sale event should be a pleasant and memorable experience for your customers - yes they will grab a bargain, but will they view your store as an inviting experience to which they will likely return?

One big way to enhance the shopping experience during what can often be a frenetic sale environment, is to have your products clearly labelled. Not only will this make your job much easier, and help to increase sales, but it will enable your customer to make informed decisions and enhance the overall functionality of the shopping experience. 

With custom printed sale and POS labels, not only can you tailor the message to suit your exact needs, but you can use the opportunity to showcase your branding message by utilising your brand logo, colour palette and overall look and feel. Not only does this keep your brand front and centre of your customers attention, but it provides a cohesive feel to the overall shopping experience.

Popular labels for a sale event in a retail environment would include messages such as:

  • SALE!
  • Was/Now
  • 3 for 2 labels
  • Buy one, Get one Free tags
  • 10% off (or any percentage you require!)
  • 20% extra FREE (ditto!)
  • Half Price labels
  • Black Friday labels
  • BIG SALE stickers and tags
  • Clearance! Labels on a roll for easy application
  • Special Offer stickers with a space to write your message
  • Reduced! 

And of course, anything that save time is handy in a busy retail store so don't forget pre-printed labels in your brand colouring with simple prices listed so you can just pop them on as you go in order to highlight a great bargain!

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