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Monday, May 25, 2020

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Here's a common conversation in a print shop:

"Hello, I'm looking for some labels for my business. "

"Okay, great. What size label do you need?"

"A standard size!"

Now that may seem like a reasonable request but there is no standard size when it comes to labels. Yes there may be common or popular sizes but that in no way guarantees that it will be in any way suitable for you. 

First, if your label is intended for a specific use or application on a product, you must measure accurately. If it is a bespoke shape, or you are uncertain of any aspects, you should ask the printer if they offer a measuring and conceptualisation service. It can be very beneficial to leave the technical aspects up to the professionals. However, if it is a simple task, you should certainly be able to manage this yourself. If you are flexible on size, you might provide the printers with your minimum, maximum, and preferred dimensions and they might be able to advise you on the most cost effective option. This is especially important if your printer requires a die to be made for the cutting of the stickers but many modern printers will not have this additional setup costs and you will have greater flexibility in acquiring your exact preferred dimensions at no additional charge. 

Secondly, if you are looking for a more general purpose sticker or label, then think about the applications that may be required. What would be the smallest size, what would be the largest, and what feels like the most flexible size, for your requirement.

Finally, if you are still unsure of what you need, there is no harm in doing a little detective work and gathering some external inspiration. Pop in to a nearby cafe, or boutique, or whatever service or retailer might be in your industry and see what is working for them.

And when in doubt, ask your printer for advice. They may give a good natured roll of the eyes when you ask for a 'standard' sized sticker or label, but truth be told, they will have a wealth of experience and should be able to make some strong recommendations for the ideal outcome. 

A list of common sizes:

Mailing labels: 85mm x 40mm

Return address labels: 30mm x 20mm

Cafe labels: 45mm diameter

Lapel labels: 35mm diameter

Fun kids stickers: 90mm diameter

Bumper stickers: 300mm x 90mm

Car window stickers: 120mm diameter

Parking permit stickers: 50mm x 50mm

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